Cruelty-free skin care products are the way forward


I was walking through Newcastle the other week and was stopped by a giant shampoo bottle in the middle of Northumberland Street. Intrigued, i stopped to have a chat with the people on the stand. It was a campaign from Uncaged, which has become one of the most effective movements towards protecting animals from unnecessary testing and cruelty.

Taking a closer look at the giant shampoo bottle, on first glance it looked like a Herbal Essences bottle, however on a second look, i noticed the wording had been changed to ‘Hurtful Essences’ and I was mortified to find out that the ‘Dazzling Shine’ that i achieve every morning was due to some poor little animals going blind or losing their life. In fact, you can read about the shocking truth of Proctor & Gamble’s research here in the words of Uncaged.

I no longer use Herbal Essences shampoo, and have got a lot more savvy when it comes to shampoo-shopping. In fact whenever I buy a beauty product, I always try to find out whether it has been tested on animals. The Body Shop and Lush products are strongly against animal testing and have some great product ranges ready for Christmas that won’t leave you feeling guilty, meaning you can sit back and indulge!

Why should we be able to put little defenseless animals through such pain, torture and suffering, all because of our vanity? Surely there’s another way?

What do you think?

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