Middle aged and needing adult acne treatment


Monday 10th November 2008

Acne is largely, and wrongly, associated with being a teenager, and yes most teens do suffer from breakouts when they’re growing up. But when you’re in your mid thirties, even fourties, and still suffering from acne, it  can really take its toll and get people down.

If you are one of these people, you’re probably thinking, ‘why me?’, ‘i’m too old for this’ or ‘why doesn’t it just go away?’… the truth is, adult acne can strike at any time and there are many myths surrounding the subject that are simply not true, such as poor diet and bad hygiene, as well as the common thought that it’s just for teenagers. Largely it’s due to a hormone imbalance.

Read Dr Trisha McNair’s advice from the BBC website, in response to a 33 year old woman suffering from this very problem. There are all sorts of treatments available for all ages, including prescription topical creams, the oral contraceptive pill and other oral medications designed specifically to target acne. There is also an alternative non-medical adult acne treatment which can have dramatic results and has been a huge hit with SkinGenesis clients.

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One Response to “Middle aged and needing adult acne treatment”

  1. Acne Treatments Says:

    This is so true. Teenagers are not the only ones suffering with acne. Great article.

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