Facial Fillers are Back in the News


Tuesday 4th November 2008

From time to time the cosmetic/ aesthetic industry can get ahead of itself and introduce new products for which the long term consequences are not yet known.  An example of this is the recent introduction of ‘permanent’ facial dermal fillers which contain substances that cannot be absorbed by the body.

You may be surprised that UK and European regulation is quite lax – certainly far more lax than the US – and there have been claims that manufacturers are using the UK market to test products before submitting them for stringent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tests in the US. Talk about human guinea pigs!! To find out more read my article Are Facial Dermal Fillers Safe?

In the meantime, read my top tips below when thinking about having fillers:

  • Have the procedure carried out by a doctor
  • Ask to see their training certificates and testimonials from happy clients
  • Find out whether the filler is temporary or permanent.  Question whether you really need a permanent filler.
  • You might be told the filler is ‘semi-permanent’.  Find out what this means and why it’s being recommended.
  • Ask who manufactures the filler.  Big names such as Allergan, Bio-Form, Q-Med and sanofi-aventis will have had extensive trials.*

*Filler procedures at SkinGenesis clinics are carried out qualified dostors who use Allergan, Bio-Form and Q-Med products.


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