‘Too macho’ to not seek acne treatment?


Friday 31st October 2008

‘Beauty’… ‘Beauty’… yes that word has quite a girly ring to it doesn’t it? So for all you men out there, let’s call it ‘exterior maintenance’. Yes, that’s much more manly. ‘Exterior maintenance’.

I was surprised last night, as I sat doing a pub quiz with my friends, at how many of the lads don’t have a daily skincare routine. One even said he was ‘too macho’ to care about his skin. The truth is that teenagers, women and men suffer from acne, and for some people it can be a real problem. Facial4Men talk about this subject and bring up the very good point of using special cleansers and eating well, but what if that doesn’t work?

If you have been searching for years to find that miracle treatment, whether it’s a topical cream or a medicinal drug, you might have found that none of them work, or at least they do, but their effects are short-lived.

Maybe it is time to try a new type of acne treatment, such as those in the SkinGenesis clinics? We tailor an advanced combination programme suitable for your skin and degree of acne or scarring. For example, we might combine powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments with anti-bacterial peels with microdermabrasion to unblock pores and stimulate healthy skin renewal. Take a look  for more info and to see real before and after pictures, I think you’ll be quite amazed at the results!

Guys you’ve got nothing to lose really, as we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee – that’s how confident we are in these treatments! Time to start thinking about that ‘exterior maintenance’…

Leave a comment below and our skincare expert Peter will get back to you in no time with some great advice.


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  1. jenny Says:

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