Three minds are better than one!


Thursday 30th October 2008

Just so you know, there are three of us writing here on the SkinGenesis blog, because we think the more minds the better! We want to give you the best information and advice on all things to do with skin, cosmetic surgery and general beauty questions, so if you do have any questions for us, fire away! We’re more than happy to help!

One question I got asked the other day was how to determine which products are right for your skin. It’s getting to that time of year where everyone, especially women, are writing their Christmas lists to Santa and hoping they’ll get some of the more expensive moisturisers and luxurious make up – you know, the things you don’t usually buy from your own pay packet because it simply costs too much!

Our advice here would be to really get to know your skin. The beauty counters in Debenhams, such as Clinique offer advice there and then, whether you have oily, dry or comination skin etc. If you really want an expert’s take on what you should be using, it might be worth looking into a more thorough analysis – particularly if you have problem skin.

SkinGenesis for example is currently offering a free Expert Skin Analysis which determines your skin’s pH, moisture content and any sun damage, so you can be sure you’re using the right ingredients on your skin. Using products that don’t complement your skin can cause problems in the long run anyway, so it might be worth checking out, plus this service will usually cost you £100, so it’s a bargain really!

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