Eating with the seasons


Thursday 30th October 2008

Did you read Hayley’s post “Lazy Living Cuts Life Expectancy by 14 Years”?  We’ve all heard the ‘better diet, more exercise’ advice before – but what if you could combine the 2?!

We developed a couple of theories(!) in the early days of SkinGenesis that a lot of modern health problems are down to people not eating ‘seasonally’, and that food was being ruined by over-processing.  Read our Seasonal Lifestyle Eating Plan for the reasons behind the theories and some practical advice.

If you’ve got a  bit of time – and a garden/ allotment – growing your own veg achieves the twin goals of gentle exercise and a supply of seasonal, unprocessed food.  Bingo!  But at least walking to the shops and taking care to pick local produce will achieve the same thing….

Let me know your favourite seasonal food and any tips for growing your own!


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