Metal implants the next big thing!


Wednesday 29 October 2008

If you’ve been thinking about having cosmetic surgery recently you might be interested to know that doctors are on the verge of making a major breakthrough with breast enlargement procedures.


With a proportion of women who undergo this surgery suffering from bad reactions to the very fabric of the procedure, silicone, doctors are trialling the effects of metal coatings around the implants to lessen the risk of a reaction. revealed that a microscopic layer of titanium, widely used in hip replacement surgery, will mean that body tissues come into contact with the metal instead of the silicone.


It has so far been trialled on around 80 women in Australia and so far, so good. But they have another 2920 women to go, so watch this space for the results of the study. We always like to think it’s wise to wait until things are a bit more tried and tested before steaming in there, so until we know whether metal boobs are a success or fail, it might be worth considering non-surgical options, which can have a more subtle and gradual effect, such as breast firming techniques. These are purely natural and lift and tone the breasts, giving a sense of enlargement, without a scalpel in sight.


What do you think of metal-coated breast implants?! Will it be a hit or a miss?



One Response to “Metal implants the next big thing!”

  1. willskingenesis Says:

    Could make going through airport security more interesting than usual…

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