Acne treatment from within


Thursday 23rd October 2008

A frequently overlooked aspect of managing acne is getting yourself into the correct mental state. Positive thinking involves having clearly visualised goals and being able to achieve a state of confidence so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Goals should always be positive. They must also be realistic and you must want and be able to visualise them strongly and clearly. Visualising goals is very important as it focuses the mind on where you want to be, and with that focus comes motivation and confidence.

Nobody has absolutely perfect skin, not even the stars! Once motivated your skin care routine will cease to be a chore and become something you want to do, which really improves results when treating acne. 90% of our acne treatment clients at SkinGenesis overestimate the severity of their acne when they first come for treatment, which shows that other people probably don’t even notice it!


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