Make fake look fabulous!


Tuesday 21st October 2008

We’ve noticed the trend for fake tan is on the rise again, presumably because for some strange reason winter makes your skin go grey and dull and having a bit of colour is for most women generally just a great pick-me-up.

We’ve also noticed a couple of the celebrities getting it wrong, one example is Christina Aguilera at Beauty and the Dirt – here, the girls give you the low down on how to apply fake tan and avoid looking like you’ve been tangoed!

A few tips from us would be:

  • Apply with gloves – no one likes to see brown fingernails or patches of tan around the knuckles
  • Take care around the knees, elbows and ankles – again to avoid patches, apply evenly and sparingly
  • Less is definitely more – work up a colour gradually so that it’s not too noticable when your skin turns a few shades darker without even stepping foot in the Caribbean! Dove Summer Glow is a good one for a budget tan, or if you do want a quick fix, Xen-Tan will give you a natural look within a matter of hours… you shall go to the ball!

Share your tan-tips here!


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