Don’t be too rash with your mobile


Friday 17th October 2008

Flicking through The Guardian this morning and surfing the BBC website, we noticed a hot skin topic that could potentially affect the whole population – mobile phones can be the sneaky cause behind unexplained skin rashes!

According to the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), those of us with metal-bearing handsets are at risk from developing a rash on our skin, caused by free nickel hanging around on our mobile phone casing. The nickel rubs against our skin around the cheek and ear area, and if we’re allergic, we can develop a rash. It’s even possible to develop a rash on our fingertips if we spend too much time texting, although we’re sure you would have to be in constant text-mode for that to happen!

Those of us with plastic handsets might think we’re good to go, but do remember that things like metal belt buckles or fashion jewellery can also have the same effect.

My advice would be to spend less time talking and texting, put down the mobile phone and revert back to the old fashioned way of keeping in touch and meet your friends for a good old face-to-face coffee and a catch up!


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