Cellulite treatment… It’s a funny thing…


Thursday 16th October 2008

One of our clients here told us that she was thinking about ditching the doom and gloom of England for a few weeks in search of warmer, sunnier climes. ‘Lucky you’ I thought, but then she expressed concern about the cellulite that had appeared on her thighs and how she didn’t really want a beach holiday for that reason.

Most women have it, so its funny why nearly everyone worries about it. A beach holiday could be just what the doctor ordered, so people shouldn’t let a few lumps and bumps ruin plans.

Now, we’re not just bragging, but SkinGenesis uses one of the most effective treatments for busting cellulite that really delivers results, Elle Magazine even said so!

“But you can’t get rid of cellulite”, i hear you chant, but you can find out how cellulite treatment works. It is also up to you to help it work by eating correctly, exercising and generally just looking after yourself.

Do you have any tips? Post them below!

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