Sarah Palin has PORES? Game over!


Tuesday 14th October 2008

Poor old Sarah Palin. Recently she was seen in her very worst light, and boy has she had some flack for it! The cover of Newsweek showed a lovely close-up shot of her, sporting the very latest in wrinkles, facial hair and, shock horror, PORES!

As Grazia pointed out, it caused a massive hoohah on American TV and thousands of women fought her corner. And why shouldn’t they? So what if she has a little ‘unwanted hair’ or open pores?! 

We’re sure if she did have a problem with her appearance, she would’ve blitzed the hairs and had botox a long time ago, what with her being in the public eye and all. We think she might just be a bit too busy to worry about who the media are pointing the finger at!

While we’re on the subject, has some great tips on how to make your own lotions and potions at home. A recent one was how to bust wrinkles – maybe Sarah could try it out and then report back to Newsweek?


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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin has PORES? Game over!”

  1. Beth Says:

    I am not too sure about making my own lotions could you recommend any for reducing the appearance of open pores? Why do some people suffer from obvious pores and others don’t? Are there any quick fixes?!

  2. skingenesishayley Says:

    Unfortunately, the fact is that some people have large, open pores while others happily have small, closed ones. There are however simple steps you can take to close your pores temporarily, such as splashing cold water on your face to make them constrict, or tightening facemasks, but it’s important to keep the skin cleansed to avoid your pores from becoming blocked, which can ultimately cause acne and blemishes. There are also a few topical treatments you can try to minimise the appearance of open pores; Vichy products are great. Also ensure you use non-comedogenic make-up products, as these will not block the pores. Finally, some tips on home remedies are available here: If you do try your own home remedies, test a small patch of your skin first for a few weeks to see how you react.

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