Botox for your feet?!


Tuesday 7th October 2008

We were amazed to read the other day at Sky News that Sharon Stone risked losing custody of her son partly because ‘she wanted to inject his feet with botox to stop them smelling’, or so reports suggest. God forbid a star should resort to the usual method of socks and foot spray!

What a bizarre thought! It seems to us that this is simply just another celebrity gone mad! Botox as everyone will know, is becoming more and more widely used, however as with any treatment, it should be used with caution. It can be very safe, if it’s done properly by well trained and intelligent medical staff who source their botox from highly reputable medical sources. However it has been known that some cowboy practitioners use botox of the veterinary quality, and has in the past caused quite drastic and unwanted effects in some patients.

I think we can all agree though, that Botox for your son’s foot odour is slightly crazy!

Isn’t it?



One Response to “Botox for your feet?!”

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    […] wrote a blog post last year detailing how Sharon Stone risked losing custody of her son because she wanted to inject his feet with Botox to stop them […]

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