Celebrities have acne treatment days too!


Monday 6th October 2008

Last week, The Mirror and The Sun were just a couple of the papers who picked up on poor Catherine Zeta Jones on an off day. Pictures showed her with sun-burnt cheeks, enlarged pores and a slight bout of acne, and if the usually ravishing CZJ can be criticised for being in need of acne treatment, any of us can!

We’re all so quick to jump on celebrities who look a bit rough around the edges, and comments from certain magazines can sometimes put more pressure on people to contemplate a quick fix for their problems, such as cellulite and wrinkles. With the hype whipped up by the tv makeover shows and celebrity ‘snip and tell’ stories, it’s not surprising that surveys reveal a growing interest in cosmetic surgery.

Surgery carries risks from infection and the effects of anaesthetic and by its very nature it will inevitably leave a scar somewhere. But there are non-surgical alternatives out there, administered by clinics that won’t give people the hard-sell, quick-fixes that are so rife in the surgery industry.

Do you think papers should lay off celebrities when they have an off day?

What effect do you think the media has on people’s perception of themselves?


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